Clemyjontri Park

As a father, I am always on the hunt for a decent playground.  But that's just it, playgrounds are simply decent.  There isn't anything unique or extraordinary about them.

Some have swings, a major plus for many children, of course, although limited to two swings, if we are lucky.  But with a ratio of say perhaps 100 kids (I'm exaggerating, of course) to one swing on any given day, this could certainly put a damper on a visit when your kids are particularly looking forward to hopping on a swing but must wait a turn that may never come around.  I should also add that I often find only one swing in working order on many a occasion.  What luck!

Others have the typical climbing challenges that, of course, provide the necessary interactive sensory experiences...most modern ones anyway.  And many playgrounds have been upgraded with new equipment with limited obstruction to help parents keep an eye on their children.  They also include interactive learning panels and attachments …

Langley Fork

A few days ago I roamed around the Virginia area, particularly McLean and Langley, to see where my next home will be and came across this interesting plaque of history.

Two 18th-century roads intersect just west of here: Sugarlands Rolling Road (now Georgetown Pike) and Little Falls Road (now Chain Bridge Road). Several historic structures stand near the fork: Langley Toll House (ca. 1820); Langley Ordinary (ca. 1850); Mackall House (ca. 1858); Gunnell's Chapel (ca. 1879); Langley Friends Meeting House (ca. 1893), and Hickory Hill (ca. 1870), at times the home of Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson, then-Senator John F. Kennedy, and his brother Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Thomas Lee, of Stratford Hall, acquired Langley in a 1719 land grant and named it for a family estate in England.

Ochazuke Nori

Once in a while I look to find something simple to eat, where it takes no longer than a minute or two to prepare. Behold my late lunch of the day, Ochazuke Nori (more info). Now it's not the healthiest grub, with well over 800 mg of sodium in one packet to increase my blood pressure. But it was simple and tasty!

Cylburn Arboretum

Spent time at the Cylburn Arboretum and captured a few shots of the early season flowers.  Will have to revisit the park when it's warmer and all of the flowers are in full bloom.

Cylburn Arboretum
4915 Greenspring Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21209

Admission: Free

A Flower That Rarely Blooms

This can only mean good fortune is coming my way as this flower plant rarely blooms.