A few points but more information can be found here.
  • Currently an engineering product development manager for an S&P 500, global asset management company, based in the Washington metropolitan area
  • Strategist, innovator, developer, experience and interaction designer, concept discoverer and engineer
  • Former management consultant in telecommunications, financial, and energy industry markets
  • Former business owner (retail and consulting)
  • Certified in various project, product, lean, and agile management disciplines
  • Specialties include web strategies, product innovation and design, marketing, and market research
I indulge in the following:
  • wine tasting, wine collection, okay, anything wine
  • amateur-level photography and videography
  • playing PS4 FIFA 2017 and Star Wars Battlefront
  • watching Star Wars, Star Trek and Home Improvement
  • writing, reading, studying, language arts
  • Korean, Japanese, and Okinawan cuisines
  • fatherhood, my favorite pastime

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